About Competitions and External Motivation


So. I mean “sew”…

I completed the challenge. One whole day before the deadline. I knew I HAD to be a day early, since the 15th of May was “calenderised” for Daniel’s 10th birthday party. Thus, on the penultimate day, my convalescing sister camped on my bed with my camera while I pranced in and out between running a hundred errands and preened and posed and played model. Thus the different lightning in the pictures (which made it look like I had even more than 9 items.)

That night after dinner and dishes I sat down at the computer and created composite pictures. Because I am technologically challenged, it took me more than 2 hours to create the 3 necessary collages showing combinations of my 9 items. I wrote all necessary reviews, linked the reviews, completed the entry review and one hour after midnight, boasted on Facebook about being flippen Superwoman. Switched off computer, went to bed.

Got up the next morning, magicked up a Minecraft Birthday cake (if there was a Cake Decorating Competition running somewhere I would probably have entered it…) collected 10 x 10-year-old terrorists from school for the party (after discovering that my husband had forgotten it was The Day and had gone to work with the 9-seater bus, leaving me with my 5-seater Mazda…) got them all home, fed them pizza, stopped them from using up all the carbonated drinks for Soda bombs, watched them half destroy my house and part of the street.

Saved at least one undeserving 10-year-old from being savaged by the neighbour’s bull-terrier, comforted my own jelly-hearted son who could not handle the conflict between some of his mates, and finally welcomed a female version of Rambo who arrived at 16h00 to lead them in playing Lasertagging in the garden until after sunset. She was a chain-smoking ANGEL of steel.

When I ultimately delivered the last one to his parents just before 21h00, I was exhausted in body and mind, and ready to write a psychology (or criminology) thesis on the social maladjustment and behavioural problems of the average middle-class Afrikaner 10 year old.

Instead I washed dishes for an hour and then dropped into oblivion.

When I woke the next morning, I checked my computer…and found a message from the contest co-ordinator: “Klarisabet – Don’t know if you are intending to finish it up, but your wardrobe contest entry is missing some links. Plus it isn’t yet entered into the contest. I can enter it, but you need to edit it within the next 3 or so hours to have the links to the other reviews. (By midnight Eastern time.)
Hope you are able to do so. It is a nice looking wardrobe.”

Ag bleddie hel.

Midnight Eastern Time had come and gone while I was sleeping off my post traumatic stress.

I HAD done all the reviews. I HAD linked whatever I could. (Or so I thought). Okay, I had neglected to follow the enter process through…

I am officially a tech idiot. I give up. I hate computers.

What can a girl do?

Write a gracious note to the co-ordinator thanking her for the reminder and telling her you never really considered it a contest as much as personal challenge, and then… enter the next one!

Fabric Stash Contest 2015

(Link not live yet – competition will happen in June)

I am someone that thrives on external motivation. I recognize the trait in one of my three children as well – she NEEDS definite challenges and feedback from OUTSIDE HER FAMILY to keep performing at her best. The family is the comfort zone where she collects her energy, but the outside world is the driving force where she performs.

In a housewifey situation such as I have found myself in for the last 10 years, there is not really much of an external driving force. I would EASILY become a rather depressed middle aged stay-at-home mom if I do not take care of fulfilling that need.

Therefor the obscure competition entries, see. Last year it was the gardening competition (in which I come second, lest we forget…ahem…) and although that same garden would not win ANY competition this year, it was still a worthwhile effort because it was just NICE to have someone ooh and aah over something you attempted. But more than that, it keeps me from sinking into a rut. You get wonderful self-driven women who do all the housewifey things just for their families’ sake. I am afraid I am not that noble. Every now and then, I need to do something like this. It keeps me creative and motivated and really helps me focus.


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