Saddling a horse of a different colour

I am considering entering a sewing competition.


PhotoGrid_1429018889020 (2)

One has to sew 9 coordinating items before 15May.

This is the plan:

3 bottoms:
Wide striped linen pants
Narrow stretch pants, maybe in reddish brown
Blue striped denim mermaid skirt I will clone from one that fits sublimely

4 tops:
Linen tunic to go with the pants
Tunic in stretch fabric, (still need to find fabric) also cloned from a much loved garment
Cowl necked stretch tunic in same fabric as the stretch pants
Wrap-over stretch top (Fabric to be sourced)

2 items of sewist’s own choice:
My neighbour has a 90’s pattern for a dress and overdress I want to make in beige linen and rose-patterned georgette.

This post and the accompanying picture just serve to show I have not sewn anything yet before today {-;



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