I never guessed how LUCKY I was

So, we brought Maxi to town.

To be “exorcised” at the Horsemanship Clinic (a month ago, already) remember? Maxi, a.k.a. the Night-mare I have been constantly agonizing about for the last three years?

To make a long story short: did I ever look like an idiot.

I had a week with her here at the stables before we went on the clinic. The first two days she would not let me get on her back at all. The third day, I led her to the mounting block, called a groom to hold her for me, AND had him lead me all the way into the arena like a toddler. We had a nervous ride. On day four, she miraculously stood still for me to mount. We had a good ride. On day five we left for the clinic…

Where she was BY FAR the most perfectly adorable pony you ever did see. There were some REAL Hell-horses at that clinic. She definitely wasn’t one of them. Everyone, human or animal, fell straight in love with her.

00 happy hooves

She refused to give me ANY sh*t. Example: Me: “We simply cannot box her for travelling! It takes ages to load her! She bucks and backs up and refuses….”
Horse Whisperer: “Okay, show me.”
Maxi: “Tralalalalalaaaa…laadeedeedaaa..dum-dee-dum…” *Walks into the horsebox one-time, sharp-sharp, no sweat*


Me: “I simply can not get on her back! My husband and son must hold her very firmly for me to mount, and even then she keeps on turning away! She is impossible….”
Horse Whisperer: “Okay, show me”
Maxi: “Tralalalalalaaaa…laadeedeedaaa..dum-dee-dum…” *Stands as still as a statue for me to get up how ever many times and from whichever side I choose to*

And then there was my pet peeve: “She is the spookiest horse that ever walked the planet! She spooks and bolts even when we pass a little flower ruffling in the wind…” The next moment, while I was on her back waiting for her to show how spooky she can be, one of the dogs from the shelter where the clinic was held – a skeletal Great Dane – quite serindipitiously woke up and shook himself like a monstrous zombie-dog from the pile of hay right next to her, where he had been fast asleep. Did she buck, did she even bat an eyelid?

Uhm. No.

As I said: I just looked supremely stupid. Like the drama queen which I probably am.

It turned out I own a horse who trusts me incredibly much…if I can just learn to trust her equally.

But then, two weeks ago, she got injured at the stables. Which meant that we were unable to work together for the last fortnight – which in turn, means I GET TO KEEP HER HERE FOR ANOTHER MONTH!


That in turn meant that this weekend on the farm I got to spend real quality time with Luke. Which turned out to be the most fantastic ride I have EVER had on the farm.

Because he is our least troublesome horse, I usually leave Luke for the kids to ride – which they don’t }-; – and if I do get time to ride him inbetween working with Maxi, Ice or Riverdance, it is just a quick one to make certain he is still sound and obedient. But this morning, after test driving him in the paddock for a while, I took him out for a looooong ride all over the farm.

Including long unhurried canters. Yep – Clari-Cannot-Canter has found her PERFECT canter partner. The Perfect Horse. Lucky Luke. Actually: Lucky ME. Sometimes what we need, is right under our noses, we are just too busy agonising over other things – or other personalities – to recognise it!


My husband took a short video while we were warming up in the paddock. I watched it about fifty times on our way back to town, to recapture the feeling.

Wait, let me go to bed. I might be lucky and relive the ride in my dreams…


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