Bring on the Empty Horses

On Sunday we are going to bring Maxi back from the farm which has been her home for almost two years now, to be stabled here in town again for a month or two.


Man, is she going to NOT like me! I already have a hang-up about her blaming me for ever and ever. First of all, because I am going to separate her from her boyfriend, Riverdance.

Secondly, because I PROMISED her I will never take her away from the farm where she has that wonderful freedom of ‘just being a horse’.


Wait. That is exactly why I am bringing her back: this constant habit of mine, of ASSUMING I know what a horse thinks.

So Maxi and I are going on a horse handler’s course, with Roux Horsemanship. Guys who have a good reputation for identifying objectively, and sorting out unique problems between horses and their owners.

To say that I am shit scared would be an understatement.

Had nightmares every night for the last two weeks. Involving her running away and me following her barefoot through bogs and marshes and thorny thickets.

I could have chosen an easier horse to do the course with.

But the journey started on her.

Nothing horse-related would have ever happened for me, if it hadn’t been for her.

One does not EVER give up on a relationship like that. Even when in your dreams the beloved runs away from you…


5 thoughts on “Bring on the Empty Horses

  1. Ek wonder nogals wie het die sterkste persoonlikheid, jy of sy? Ek lees op die oomblik ‘n nice boek, One Hundred and Four Horses. Oor ‘n familie in Zimbabwe wat passionate is oor perde wat van hul plaas verdryf is met al hul perde.

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